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We sang and harmonized together

Papa with his basso profoundo voice and me would sing this together…

Dona nobis pacem, pacem.
Dona nobis pacem.
Dona nobis pacem.
Dona nobis pacem.
Dona nobis pacem.
Dona nobis pacem.

Translated, “Give us peace,” This traditional Latin hymn may be sung as a canon. A new voice starts when the preceding voice reaches The next section.



Pachalafaka, pachalafaka
They whisper it all over Turkey
Pachalafaka, pachalafaka
It sounds so romantic and perky
Oh, I know that phrase
will make me thrill always
For it reminds me of you, my sweet
just the mention of
that tender word of love
gives my heart a jerkish, Turkish beat

I won’t say c’est bon
or l’amour toujours
For they can’t express what I’m feeling
Even maresydoats or
other foreign quotes
don’t seem to be quite so appealing
But pachalafaka! pachalafaka!
takes me back with you to passionate desert scenes
and it’s there we’ll stay
till the very day
we find out what pachalafaka means
we find out what pachalafaka means!


Recitation from my Papa!

Mia Carlotta

GIUSEPPE, da barber, ees greata for “mash,”

He gotta da bigga, da blacka mustache,

Good clo’es an’ good styla an’ playnta good cash.

W’enevra Giuseppe ees walk on da street,

Da peopla dey talka, “how nobby! how neat!

How softa da handa, how smalla da feet.”

He raisa hees hat an’ he shaka hees curls,

An’ smila weeth teetha so shiny like pearls;

O! many da heart of da seelly young girls

                He gotta.

        Yes, playnta he gotta—

                But notta


Giuseppe, da barber, he maka da eye,

An’ lika da steam engine puffa an’ sigh,

For catcha Carlotta w’en she ees go by.

Carlotta she walka weeth nose in da air,

An’ look through Giuseppe weeth far-away stare,

As eef she no see dere ees som’body dere.

Giuseppe, da barber, he gotta da cash,

He gotta da clo’es an’ da bigga mustache,

He gotta da seely young girls for da “mash,”

      But notta—

        You bat my life, notta—


I gotta!


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